Aug 242012

One of the primary purposes of engaging in estate planning is that of avoiding conflicts.  The death of a loved one can easily bring out the worst in people, especially if there is incomplete, or nonexistent, guidance regarding how the decedent’s assets are to be divided.  Thus we engage in estate planning to provide some certainty as to our wishes, with the hope that this will make things easier on our family and friends after we are gone.

One of the important goals of the experienced estate planning attorney is that of avoiding “built-in” conflicts.  For example, if the children do not get along with each other, or have a tendency to gang up on the second spouse, it is the attorney’s job to help identify these issues and plan around them.  This is not to say that the attorney will be able to formulate the perfect solution, but rather they should be able to present the client with alternative options.  Each option will handle the conflict in different ways and each will come with its own set of trade-offs.  It is then up to the client to choose the alternative that leads to the appropriate outcome for their circumstances

An estate plan is often a delicate balancing act, weighing such issues as the client’s goals, the needs of their family, Florida and federal law, and numerous other possibilities.  Given all of these variables, it is beneficial to avoid any foreseeable conflicts in the most effective way possible.  At best they may lead to hard feelings and at worst they can open the door to expensive estate litigation.

If you are taking the time to establish your estate plan, consider contacting a Florida estate planning attorney who can put their experience to work for you and help implement your wishes as smoothly as possible.