Jan 102013

The country is on an emotional bandwagon right now after the shootings in Connecticut. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families who were unwittingungly thrown into the nightmare just before Christmas.

Everyone has an opinion on the issue and, as a lifelong gun enthusiast, I believe the Second Amendment protects us. When events like Connecticut, the Aurora Theater Shooting and Columbine occur, it’s not due to bad guns, but rather individuals who have no respect for guns and human life. There’s also the issue of gun safety that should be brought to the forefront.

Our President is considering an executive order that would change gun laws making it more difficult for citizens to purchase guns. What those laws will look like is anyone’s guess. So now is the time to consider a gun trust. And if you are considering purchasing a gun, now is the time to do so.

Another angle to consider is a gun trust, which eliminates the need to register Class 3 weapons by using the grantors, or individuals who set up the trust, as the legal owners. The gun trust has a trustee who is responsible for an d possesses the weapons and as many beneficiaries can be named as desired by the grantors and the beneficiaries can be any age.

One of the big advantages of a gun trust is that you can legally get around some of the AFT application requirements. It also gives you and your beneficiaries privacy because this is a private document, not public record.

The team at Ourednik Law Offices can set up a viable gun trust that can protect your gun rights because if not done properly it could result in harsh criminal and civil consequences. Call us today to learn your options.



By Karel Ourednik