Aug 272015

Many people think they can avoid the probate of an estate if their deceased loved one had a Last Will and Testament. This is a common misconception. A will is a set of directions by the deceased on how they want their estate to be distributed. Probate is the legal processes where a deceased person’s affairs are managed in an organized manner to ensure that all legitimate debts are paid, burial expenses are taken care of, and the remaining assets are transferred to the beneficiaries according to the will or via intestacy. 

Jan 042013
Does a living trust make sense for me?

Many people think that a trust is only for wealthy people, but it can be a great tool to manage your assets while you are alive, regardless of whether you are wealthy or not. A trust is a private instrument that does not become public record, like a will. That means only the beneficiaries and trustee will know the details of the trust, such as the value, the actual beneficiaries’ names and what the beneficiaries will receive. A trustee has the responsibility of managing the trust, keeping records, filing tax returns and making distributions. You can be your own trustee More…