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June 16, 2011
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Florida Pet Trust

If you are like me, your pet is part of your family. We rescued an English bulldog a few years ago and she has become very dear to us.  An important part of your estate planning should include provisions for your beloved four legged friend.  While a court can appoint a guardian to care for your children, pets are not so lucky.  Our pets are extremely important to us, however most people looking to adopt a pet want a puppy or kitten.

Changes in Florida law now allow Florida estate planning attorneys to incorporate pet trusts into your estate plan. Whether a properly drafted Florida will or a revocable living trust may suit your situation, a Florida pet trust may be incorporated into either document to provide for your furry little friends.  Prior to the change in the law, people would leave money to family and friends with the understanding that the funds be used to care for the animal.  Too often, people accepted the cash bequest and the pet ended up in a shelter.  A properly drafted pet trust allows you to plan for your pet’s care after you are gone.

Drafting a pet trust into your estate planning documents requires a knowledgeable attorney in Jacksonville.  At Ourednik Law Offices, our estate planning attorneys have experience assisting clients in caring for their pets’ well-being using pet trusts.  For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss whether a Florida pet trust is appropriate for your situation, contact an attorney at Ourednik Law Offices for a confidential consultation.