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June 25, 2014
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August 28, 2014

Using Online Legal Forms

Clients visit our office to discuss the prospect of having a Will drafted. Often the topic of the many online services arises, and clients want to know if the cost savings is worth it. Sure, it costs less to use a document created by a website, but is it truly worth it?

In 2004, Ann Aldrich used a form from “E-Z Legal form” for her Will. In this recent Florida Supreme Court decision, the Court found that Ann’s two nieces were entitled to inherit property that Ann received after making out her Will. This was more than likely, not the intention of Ms. Aldrich as she didn’t mention her nieces in her Will.

The online form lacked a residuary clause, so her nieces were entitled to inherit a sizeable part of her estate. Justice Barbara Pariente’s said, “this case does remind me of the old adage Penny-wise and pound-foolish.” She further issued a word of caution regarding the potential dangers of doing a Will without legal advice.

If you care who will receive your assets when you die, don’t make the same mistake. Speak with an attorney at Ourednik Law Offices today. Good legal advice and peace of mind are worth it!