February 25, 2014

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Pet ownership throughout the nation is on the rise and so are the number of pet trusts created each year. Although some pet owners leave tens […]
October 13, 2015

What is a Trust?

A trust is a crucial part of a well-crafted estate plan. Trusts allow a third party, known as the trustee, to hold and have control over assets in […]
November 5, 2015

Homestead- Protection Against Creditors for Your Principal Residence

Florida has some of the best homestead protections in the nation. Article X, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution exempts homestead property from levy and execution by judgment […]
November 25, 2015

The Inheritance of Debt

Mortgages, credit cards, and student loans. Although baby boomers would love to leave a nice inheritance to their children and grandchildren, they are often faced with […]