May 13, 2011

Property In Joint Tenancy Held Not To Be Homestead Property

In a recent Florida appellate decision, Marger v. De Rosa, the Second District Court of Appeals found that a deceased man’s interest in his home, which […]
April 29, 2011

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Do you need asset protection? You probably have insurance and believe that you are adequately protected against loss. Many clients visit our office after an event has […]
April 27, 2011

Estate Planning Needs and the Divorced Parent

Divorce is often a painful event for couples, especially when young children are involved.  After going through a divorce and dealing with attorneys, the last thing […]
April 18, 2011

Flexibility of the Florida Uniform Principal and Income Act

Most of the time, people find that the Florida Statutes serve to act as a constraint or limitation on their plans. However, the Florida Uniform Principal […]
April 8, 2011

Homestead in Florida

Oftentimes we find that people are unclear as to the various homestead protections enjoyed by residents of Florida. There are three kinds of homestead protection in […]
April 8, 2011


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